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Using world-leading technology and demonstrating many examples of innovation and invention, New Zealand’s horticulture industry produces a wide variety of export fruit and vegetables with the two main exports, kiwifruit and apples, being regarded as world leaders in quality.

Horticulture production is distributed throughout the country with different regions specialising in producing particular crops.

For example, Hawke’s Bay’s temperate climate favours the production of pip  and stone fruit,  while high sunshine hours in neighbouring Gisborne are ideal for growing citrus fruit, squash, broccoli and sweet corn.

The use of agrichemicals is minimised and New Zealand has stringent bio security regulations with monitoring and traceability systems providing additional quality assurance.

New Zealand also has a growing industry in specialty food products, such as deer velvet, bee pollen, honey, confectionery, specialty sauces, jams and marinades, olive and avocado oils.

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